1982 bargaining power of multinationals and host

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Unformatted text preview: s, 13 (Fall): 9-24. f Fayenueather, John. 1982. Inrernational business strategy and administration. Cambridge: Ballinger. Forsyth, David J.C. 1972. U.S. investment in Scotland New York Praeger Press. Gatignon, Hubert A. & Erin Anderson. 1988. The multinational corporation's degree of control over foreign subsidiaries: An empirical testo a transactioncost explanation.Journal o Law, Economics f f and Organization, q2): 305-36. Gray, J ean & Peter H Gray. 1981. The multinational bank: A financial I"C. Journal o Banking and . f Finance, 5: 33-63. Harrigan, Kathryn R. 1985. Strafegiesfor joint ventures: Lexington, Mass.: D.C. Heath & Co. Herring, Richard J. 1983. Managing international rirk Cambridge: Cambridge University h ss. Hill, C harles W.L., Pekr Hwang & W.Chan Kim. 1990. A n eclectic theory o the choice of intemaf tional entry mode. Strategic M anagment Journal, I 1: 117-28. Hood, Neil & Stephen Young. 1979. The economics o multinational cnterprisc. London: Longman f Group...
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