5 our focus in this study is on market seeking fumr

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Unformatted text preview: a location factor. 6. Contrary to our expectation, only two firms chose licensing in our sample. Wehave therefore deleted ti option from te analysis. hs h REFERENCES Anderson, E i & Anne T.Coughlan. 1987. International marketentry and expansion via independent rn or i n t e g r a t e d channels of distribution. Journal of Marketing, 5 1 (January): 71-82. Anderson, Erin & Hubert Gatignon. 1986. Modes o foreign entry: A transaction cost analysis and f propositions. Journal o International Business Studies, 17 (Fall): 1-26. f Anderson, Erin & Barton Weitz. 1986. Make or buy decisions: A framework for analyzing vertical integration issues in marketing. S loan Management Review, 27 (Spring): 3-19. Bartlett, Christopher A . 1986. Building and managing the transnational: The new organizational challenge. In Michael E. Porter, editor, Competition i n global industries. Boston: Harvard Business press. & Sumantra Ghoshal. 1986. Tap y our subsidiaries for global reach. Harvard Business Review, November-December: 87-94. Boddewyn...
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