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Unformatted text preview: entry and performance in new markets. Strategic Management Jounual, 9 127-40. Lecraw, Donafd f. 1984. Bargaining power, ownership, and profitability of subsidiaries of transnational corpoeations in developing countries.Journal o International Business, 15 ( [email protected]): 27f 44. h n t i a d e s , h m s c. 1985. MuftinntioMl corporate strategy: Pkanningfor worldwide markets. L exington, Mass.: Lexington Books. Meidan, A. 1984. Strategic problems in international leasing. Manugement International Review, 4(4): 2 36-45. Norburn, David & Sue Birley. 1988. The top management team and corporate perfomance. Strategic Management Journal, 9: 225-37. Nunnally, J u m C 1978. Psychometric theov. New York McGraw Hill. . Parrish, Karl M. 1983. International leasing. In William H.Baughn & Donald R. Mandich, editors, ?%e internationalbanking handbook Homewoad, Ill.: D ow Jones-Irwin. Porter, MichaelE. & Mark B.Fuller. 1986. Coalitions and global strategy. In Michael E. Porter, e ditor, competition in global indu...
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