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Unformatted text preview: on im advantages. These measures clearly do not measurecosts and benefits o risk.Further confusion arises r because thcse measures have also been used as measures of ownership advantages of a fm in other se studies ( e ,e.g., Caves and Mehra [1986]; Kogut and Sin& [1988]). Similaroperationalization problems wefe encountered by Dunning [1980]. In this study,weovercome these W ~cultiesby directly measuring managerial perceptionsof different types of contractual risks that can be expected in transactions in a particular host country. 4. Most previous studies have measured the location advantages of a h ost country using danogaphlc indicators such as GDP, population, literacyrate, urban population,etc. to measure themarket potential and country restrictiveness as a measure of investment risk The values of such variables are constant across all f irms and industries for a particular host country. 5 . Our focus in this study is on market-seeking fumr and not resource-seeking fums. Hence, we do not include the level of resource abundance in a particular host country as...
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