Even ifscale economies are not significant a fr may

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Unformatted text preview: en ifscale economies are not significant, a fr may still choose investment modessince they provide the fr with im im the opportunity to establish long-term market presence. Theinvestmentriskinahostcountryreflectstheuncertainty over the continuation of present economic and political conditions and government policies which are critical to the survival and profitability of a firm’soperations in that country. Changes government policies in may cause problems related to repatriationof earnings, and in extreme cases, expropriationof assets [Root 1987. Researchers have suggested that the restrictive policiesof a host country’s government are likelyto impede inward foreign investments [Rugmari 1979; Stopford and Wells 19721. In these countries, a fr would be better im off not entering; but if it does, i t may favor use of non-investment options. Internalization Advantage (Contractual Risk) Low control modes are considered superior many transactions since they for allow a firm to benefit from the scale economies of the marketplace, while not encounteringthe bureaucratic disadvantages that accompany integration [Williamson 1985...
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