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Unformatted text preview: s Leasing International, Inc., has contractual arrangements in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico,the Philippines, and Sweden; a sole venture the United in Kingdom; and a joint venture in Japan. In a contractual arrangement, the technical and management know-how possessed by a firm is licensed to a im foreign firm. In a joint or soleventurearrangement, a fr attempts to firms develop a foreign market by directly investing in that market. Leasing invest for acquisition of equipment that can be leased in the host country. ih They can operate alone orin partnership wt a local firm.While manufacturing is not carried out by leasing firms, the organizational structures employed by them are no different from those employed by manufacturing firms. Operational Measures Re-study interviews with fourteen leasing m s were instrumental in devising f the operational measures for this study. They were especially important in adapting the measures used previous literatureto the international leasing in context. Ownership Advantages t Abi...
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