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He has previously published i infernationaljownal of

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Unformatted text preview: as previously published i InfernationalJownal of Research n in Marketing and Technology Forecastingand Social Change, and contributed to national and international conference roceedings. p The authors would like t thank J ean J. Boddcwyn, Farok J. Contractor, Hubert A. Gatignon, V. o Kumar, Sam= S k i , Rajendra K.Srivastava. and three anonymous reviewers for their comments on earlier versions. T e authors c ontriuted equally to t i manuscript and are solely responsible fot any h hs content and remaining errors. Received: July 1990, Revised: November 1990, February & May 1991; Accepted: June 1991. I 2 JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES,FIRST QUARTER 1992 difficult to changewithoutconsiderableloss of timeand money [Root 19871. Entry mode selection is therefore, a very important, if not a critical, strategic decision. Previous studies in the areas of international trade, industrial organization, and market imperfections have identified number of factors that influence a the choice of an entry mode for a selected target market. Inte...
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