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Unformatted text preview: rnational risk Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Weinstein, Arnold, K. 1977. Foreign investments by service f i s : T he case of the multinational advertising agency. Journal ofInternotiona1Business Studies, 8 (Spring-Summer): 83-91. CHOICE OF FOREIGN MARKET ENTRY MODE 27 Williamson, Oliver E 1985. The economic institlttions o capitalism. New Y r The Free Press. . f ok Wilscm, Brent D 1980. Dirinvestment o foreign srrbsidioriu: Ann Arbor: UMI Press. . f Yannopoulos, George. 1983. The growth of transnational banking. I Mark Casson, e io, The growth n dt r o international b i n e s . Lopdon: George Allen & Unwin. f Yu,Chwo-Ming & Kiyohiko Ito. 1988. Oligopolistic reaction and foreign direct investment: The case of the U.S. tire and textile industties.Journal o f l n t e ~ i o n aBusinesr Studies, 19 (Fall): 449-60. l...
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