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Unformatted text preview: esources in channel design: Distribution differences in one s industry. IndustTiol Marketing Management, 17: 215-27. Cho, Kang Rae. 1985. MultiMtional b n r Their identities and determinants. Ann Arbor: UMI ak: Research Res. Choi, Sang-Rim, Adrian E. Tschbegl& Chwo-Ming Yu.1986. Banks and the world's major financial centers, 1970-1980. WelwirtrchaplichesArchive, 1: 4844. CHOICE OF FOREIGN MARKET ENTRY MODE 25 Clark, Tom M. 1985. Aa international movement in leasing. In World Leasing Yearbook. London: Hawkins Publishers L td Lee G. & h4asao Nakanishi. 1983. Standardizing variables i multiplicative choice models. n lounlal of Conrumer Rucareh, 10 (June): 96-108. Cooper. C na Farok J. & Peta Laange. 1988. Competition v8. c oopaation: A bencfit/cost framework ot r, for choosing between f l o n d investments a d cooperstive r l to s i .Managemenr Interuy w e eai n hp Mtiotrcll Review. Special Issue: 5-18. Cwghlan, Anne T 1985. Competition and cooperation in marketing channelchoice: Tbbory and . application. Mark...
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