Inclusion of the six interaction terms helped the log

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Unformatted text preview: crease by 51.81,44.28, and 5.31, respectively for Models I, II, and IU. In addition, the inclusion of the interaction terms resulted in a change in chi-square r values by 103.62, 88.56, and 10.64, espectively for Models I, 11, and III, with a corresponding changeof 18, 12, and 6 degrees of freedom (also see Table 2). The changes in chi-square values are significant at the .001 level for Models I and II suggesting strong evidence for including interaction the terms in the choice model, and at the . lo1 level for Model ID, suggesting moderate evidence for including the interaction termsin the choice model. The results of the multinomial logistic regression analysis are presented in Table 2. The logistic regression results evaluate the effects interacting of the variables when bothare high or low. However, they cannot distinguish the effects of the interacting variables when one of the variables has a high value and the other a low value. These effects were therefore evaluated using chi-square analysis after split...
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