Integrating perspectives from these areas dunning

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Unformatted text preview: grating perspectives from these areas, Dunning [1977,1980,1988]propxed a comprehensive framework, which stipulated that the choice of an entry mode for a target j attempted to directly or indirectly use Dunning frameworkin explaining the choice between joint ventureand sole venture[KogutandSingh19881, licensing and sole venture [Caves 1982; Davidson and McFetridge 19851, extent of foreign direct investment[Cho 1985; Dunning 1980; Kimura 1989; Sabi 1988; Terpstra andYu 1988; Yu and Ito 19881, andratio of acquisition to total subsidiaries [Wilson 19801. While these studies have made substantial contributionso our understanding t of the entry mode behavior of firms, an important gap in the empirical literature is the issue of how the inter-relationships among the determinant factors influence firms’ entry choices.* The importance of examining the fact fr effects of inter-relationships derives from the that they may explain i m behaviors that cannot be captured by the independent effects of the factors. Fo...
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