It involves determining a zeta squared value that is

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Unformatted text preview: he standardized factor score of fum i on variable j . This transformation provides interaction terms that have a lower bound of zero and an upper bound of infinity. Multinomial logistic regressionwas then used to obtain the maximum likelihood estimates ofthemaineffectandinteractionparameters. Three separate models were evaluated : (1) using “no involvement” asthe base case from ) , which deviations are interpreted (Model I (2) excluding the “ no involvement” option and using bbexpolting” t e b case (Model I and (3) excluding as h ase ) , “no involvement” and “exporting” options and using joint venture as the base case (Model III). All three of these models fit the data very well. A total of 62.5%, 68.0% and 7 0.3% of the observations are classified correctly in the three models respectively, compared 34.076, 8.0% and 56.6% that to 4 would have been expected to chance. In addition, two logit models, due one including interaction terms and the other excluding these terms, were estimated to determine the overall relevanceof the interaction terms. Inclusion of the six interaction terms helped the log likelihood ratio to de...
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