K japan and brazil included in this study data

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Unformatted text preview: included in this study.' Data Collection .b' I The preliminary questionnaire instrument comprising the above scales was discussed with the presidentsof four leasing companies s well as with three a academicians. Based on their comments, some of the questionnaire items were modified. The revised questionnairewas then pre-tested with ten randomly selected firms. The objective ofti test wasto c o n f i i that the items hs were understandable and unambiguous. The questionnaire was modified on the basis of comments received during the pre-test. The population of leasing f m in the U.S. comprised 1196 firms in the year 1986. After excluding firms that were owned by foreign firms, firms whose businesswasconfined to acity or townandthatwasnot even regional or national, and fitms which used leasing to support their other primary businesses (e.g. investment bankers), the population was reduced to 550 f m . This was further reduced to 536 f m after excluding firms thatwere used inpreliminarytests.Key informants for the info...
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