Key informants for the information needed for this

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Unformatted text preview: rmation needed for this study were designated to be either the President or CEO of the fm. Discussions with executives during pre-test phase of the study led the the to conclusion that only the CEO/ President had complete knowledge required for t study. E f r s were therefore made to make the responses of these his fot key infotmants as representative of the true situation as possible. The guidel n s provided by Huber and Power [1985] for using a single informant in ie t e r n s of motivation of informants to cooperate with the study seriously, assessment of alternate framingof questions, andUse of structured questions were strictly followed in this study. The final questionnaire was mailed to the Presidents or the CEOs of the study sample. The first wave of mailing to 536 fm,followed by a second wave of mailing to 250 firms, yielded responses from 119firms, resulting in a response rateof 22.8%.Out of the 119 firms, 22 were excluded since they contained large numbers of missing im values, resulting in a final sample of 97 firms. Since each fr provided its...
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