Note for example that developing countries such

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Unformatted text preview: Note, for example, that developing countries such Brazil and India, even as though not as attractive as the developed countries,may still have sufficient potential and strategic importance to warrant consideration. An additional benefit offered by these target marketsis the opportunity for higher returns (in excess of the risks taken) due to the presence of greater market imperfections. Ecological models predict that only larger organizations have the resources required to bear the risks associated with entering low potential markets Lambkin 19881. If these firms do decide to enter relatively lower potential markets, they may have a higher propensity to choose a sole venture mode to satisfy their strategic need to coordinate activities on aglobal basis [Bartlett 1986; Bartlett and Ghoshal 1986; DOZ, rahalad and Hamel 19881. Research on P f global strategyhas suggested that such m s will or should be more concerned with global strategic position than with the transaction associated with costs a given market [Porter Fuller 19861....
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