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Unformatted text preview: lity to DevelopDifferentiated Products. Ability to develop differentiated products is measured by the perceived ability of thef r to create new and im creatively structured leasing transactions, and the perceived quality of the f m's training program in preparing employees conduct leasing transacto tions. The knowledge and skill developed through training has been considered to be important for creating differentiated products [Hoodand Young 19791. The reliability coefficient 'forthis measure was found to be 0.51. Firm Size. Finn size ismeasuredbyits sales volume.Anumber of other m a u e have been used by researchers such as total assets p u b i n 1975; esrs Kogut and Singh 1988; Yu and Ito 19881, equity and deposits [Cho 19851, employee size [NorburnandBirley19861,anddomesticmarket sales [Kimura 19891.Since we can expect a high degree of correlation among these variables, we chose the total sales volume of the f r as an indicator im of fr size. im Firm ' Multinational Experience. A firm's multinational experi...
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