Since each fr provided its choices and evaluations

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Unformatted text preview: choices and evaluations for three countries, the total number of observations available for statistical analysis was285 (six choices had to be omitted due to missing values). Research Method t j .f i; Factor analysis was used to assess the psychometric properties ofthe study constructs. Since size and multinational experience indicators were highly correlated (and the hypothesized relationships were parallel), these were combined to form a singlefactor.Afterconfirmingtheunidimensional nature of theconstructs,internalconsistencyamong the items was further 14 JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES, FIRST QUARTER 1992 TABLE 1 Psychometric Properties of Measures Factor 1 A Product Differentiation 1. Quality of training program 2. Innovation potential 8. Size and Multinational Experience 1. Firm size 2. Foreign eamingshotal earnings 3. Perceived multinationali 4, Perceived ability t handle o international expansion Factor 2 Factor 3 Factor 4 Factor 5 -.I4 .12 .03 -.04 -.00 ,18 . Dl -.01 a a -...
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