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Unformatted text preview: ring Science, 4(2): 110-29. - & M.Therere Flahcrty.D1avid Gautschi. editor,international maarketing productivity of U.S. 983. Measuring the semiconductor companies. In Producrivity nd dlrm'bution Amsterdam: E lsevia Science Publishing Co. Cy&, Richard M.& J ames 0 . March. 1963. A bchaviord theory o the fsm E n g l e w d Cliffs, NJ f Prcntice-Hall. Davidoon, William H 1982. G h h l strotcgic moMgemcm New Y& John Wiley. . & Donald 0. McFetridge. 1985. Key characteristics in the choice of international transfer mode. Journal o International Business Stdies, 16 (Summer): 5-22. f Doz, Yves L. 1988. Technology prtnahips between larger and smaller f m : Some critical issues. International Studies of Management and Organization, 17(4): 31-57. , C.K.Prahalad & Oary Hamel. 1988. Competitive collaboration. In Farok J. contractot & Peter Lorange, editors,Cooperative strategies in international business. exington, Mass.: LexingL ton B o o k s . Dubin, Michael. 1975. Foreign acquisitions and the spread of th...
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