The results and implications drawn from this study

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Unformatted text preview: from nature of the sample. The the sample came generalizabilityof the results is limited. from a single industry and hence the ut Caution m s also be exercisedin drawing cause-effectinferences from the study because of the use of cross-sectional data. The use of cross-sectional design limits our ability to rule out alternative causal inferences. Studies r involving dynamic processes such a s entry mode choice mayequite a temporal focus making longitudinal designs more appropriate. In spite of these limitations,this study is among the first to capture the effect of the b e e types of advantages and their interactions. Other studies could use our study as a basis forextending work in this area toward a better understanding of how managers make entry mode decisions. APPENDIX Measurement Items OWNERSHIP ADVANTAGES Firm Size 1. What is the gross volume of business conducted by your fitm in the preceding financial year? Ability to Develop Differentiated Products 2. How do you rate your training...
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