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Unformatted text preview: e higher abilityto develop 3 im differentiated productsdo not show preference fora ny specific entry mode in markets that have high investment risk, failing to support H3. The coefficients for sole venture and venture joint modes in Model 1 are positive (though non-significant) and 1 may suggest that such firms may have a weak preference for investment modes, rather than exporting in these markets. H : As hypothesized, firms with higher ability to develop differenti4 ated products show a preference for investment modes of entry in m r e s that are perceived to have higher contractual risks. akt Note that the main effect contractual r isks suggested a nonof preference for investment modes, implying that firms place a premium on retaining control over valuable assets and skills. H5: Firms appear to prefer the exporting modemarkets that have in high potential, but that are perceived to have high investment risks, partially supportingH This result implies that iis are 5. f interested in entering such markets, wouldlk to reduce their but ie risk of investment loss. DISCUSSION OF RESULTS AND IMPLICATIONS The major objective of t i study was to exami...
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