This gives pepsi access to a large market that i

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Unformatted text preview: study was to examine impact that interrelationhs the ships among ownership, location, and internalization advantagefactors had JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES, FIRST QUARTFR 1992 22 on firms’choice of foreign marketentry m d s The study provided support oe. for most of the hypothesized relationships suggesting the importance of including interaction effects in the entry choice model. A future research agenda should be to test these interactions in other industries, as well as develop other relevant interactions. A novel feature of t i study was the hs use of managerial perceptions for measuring the explanatory factors. The study showed that .thismethod of operationalizationwas particularly useful for quantifying hitherto unqnantifiable constructs. An important research direction is the development of better survey measures for those constructs that had relatively low inter-item consistency. The results and implications drawn from this study should be viewed in light of the research method employed. Some of the inconsistencies we observed could have arisen...
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