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Unformatted text preview: , John. M. & Louis T Wells. 1972. Managing the nrultinationaf enterprise: Organization of . the f irm and ownership ofthe subsidiaries. New Y ork Basic B ooks. Talaga, J a m s , Rajan Chandran & Arvind Phatak. i985. An extension of the eclectic theoryof foreign direct investmeot. A paper presented attheAnnualMeetingof the Academy ofInternational Business. New York. T-tra, V em & Chwo-Ming Yu. 1988. Determinants of foreign investment o U.S.advertising f agencies. Journal o International B u i m Studies, 19 (Spring): 33-46. f Ting, Wen Lee. 1988. Multinational risk assessnrent and management. New York Quorum Books. Van d e Ven. Andrew H.& Marshall S. Poole. 1989. Paradoxical requirements for a theory of organizational change. In Andrew H.Van de Ven, Harold L Angle & Marshall S. Poole, e ditors, . Research on the managenrent o innovation: llu Minnesota studies. Cambridge: Ballinger. f Vemon, R y o d 1983. Organizational and institutional rsponses to international risk In Richard amn J. Herring, editor. Munuging inte...
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