What is the gross volume of business conducted by

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Unformatted text preview: program in terms of preparing your personnel to conduct leasing transactions? 3. How do you rate your f m’s potential to create new and creatively structured leasing transactions? Multinational Experience 4. Approximately, what percentage of your total earnings would you attribute to your foreign source income? 5 . How multinational do you tik your f m is, in terms of n umhn u ber of countries operated i n? CHOICE OF FOREIQN MARKET ENTRY MODE 23 6. How capableis your f i in t e r n of technological, managerial, and financial capabilities to handle international expansion? LOCATION ADVANTAGES Market Potential 7. What do you t i k i the market potential of leasing business hn s in (country)? 8. What do you t i k is the growth potential of leasing business hn in (country)? 9. W hat do you think is the general acceptability of leasing as a financial tool in (country)? 10. What do you think about the attitudeof government towardthe leasing industry in (country)? 11. W hat do you think about the attitude of government toward foreign f irms...
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