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Unformatted text preview: ts The interaction effects are evaluated using results both logistic regression fo rm (Table 2) and cross-tabulation results (Table 3). The regression estimates provide information on the significanceof the high/high and lowflow combinations of the interacting variables, while the cross-tabulations examine the sigmficance of the h i m o w and lowhgh combinations of the interacting variables. The resultsare presented for each hypothesis separately. H1: Table 3 shows that larger and more multinational firms have a higher propensity to choose sole venture and joint venture modes, and a lower propensityfor no involvementinlow potential countries,supposing H .This confinns our expectation 1 that such f m may be guided moreby strategic considerations than by c-t-benefit trade-offs in such markets. H2: Table 3 also shows that smaller and less multinational firms have a higher propensityfor no entry or entry through a joint CHOICE OF FOREIGN MARKET ENTRY MODE 1 9 venture mode in high potential markets, supportingH2. These f r s are interested in expanding into high potential markets, im resources to do so by themselves. but do not have the requisite H : Table 2 indicates that f r sthat hav...
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