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NSW Guardian Tribunal Enduring Power of Attorney

Guardianship tribunal where can i get legal

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Unformatted text preview: their website at www.lands.nsw.gov.au for more information about registration requirements. Guardianship Tribunal Where can I get legal assistance? An enduring power of attorney is an important legal document. You should seek legal advice if you have any questions or concerns about enduring powers of attorney as this is a complex legal area. How do I revoke my enduring power of attorney? • Community legal centres — some community legal centres will assist you for free or at low cost. You can revoke your enduring power of attorney at any time so long as you have mental capacity to understand what you are doing when you revoke it. You should notify the attorney(s) that you have revoked the enduring power of attorney either by telling them or in writing. • Private solicitors — many private solicitors will prepare a power of attorney for a reasonable fee. It is clearer for everyone if you revoke the enduring power of attorney in writing, especially if it is registered at Land and Property Services NSW. If you do not tell the attorney about the revocation, the attorney can keep dealing with your finances and property. After revocation, you should destroy the original and any copies of the enduring power of attorney. • Registrar of a Local Court — a registrar of a Local Court can witness an enduring power of attorney. This service is free. • The Public Trustee — the Public Trustee will prepare a power of attorney at no cost if they are appointed as the attorney. Can an interstate enduring power of attorney be used in NSW? THE FORM ATTACHED TO THIS GUIDE SHOULD NOT BE RETURNED TO THE GUARDIANSHIP TRIBUNAL. Yes. If an enduring power of attorney was made in another Australian state or territory then it is automatically recognised in NSW. This does not apply to enduring powers of attorney which are made overseas. Tell someone else where it is. If you want your attorney to use your NSW enduring power of attorney in another state or overseas, you should make enquiries in that state or country. Every state and country has different laws about po...
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