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Unformatted text preview: erannuation and how to compare funds. This MUST NOT GIVE FINANCIAL ADVICE UNLESS LICENSED TO DO SO free booklet is available by calling 13 28 64 or can be downloaded from the website Some employees may ask their employers for advice they receive the Standard choice form. This might include ARRANGE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THEIR CHOSEN FUND advice about: If they are not already a member of the fund they wish to ■ joining or making contributions to a superannuation choose, an employee must arrange to become a member. about choice of superannuation fund, particularly when fund (including the employer fund) ■ consolidating superannuation accounts, or ■ selecting investment or insurance options within a fund. GIVE THEIR EMPLOYER A CORRECTLY COMPLETED STANDARD CHOICE FORM If an employee wishes to choose a superannuation fund, they should provide their employer with the following Most employers are not licensed or authorised to give information: financial product advice and therefore should not answer ■ the fund’s full name and contact details these types of questions. They can only give factual information to employees about superannuation. ■ the fund’s Australian business number (if it has one) ■ the employee’s membership details, including their If an employee wants more than factual information, or account name in the fund and the number or other information about how to compare funds, their employer unique identifier (if any) the fund uses to refer to their should refer them to the website account and to the free booklet Super Choices which is available on the website or by calling 13 28 64. The employer could also suggest that the employee seek advice from a licensed financial adviser. Questions about the employer fund should be referred to the fund’s trustee. For more information, refer to ASIC’s frequently asked questions about If I am an employer – what can I tell my employees about making a choice of super...
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