Or the superannuation complaints tribunal works to

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Unformatted text preview: fies that salary or wages 24 ■ CHOICE OF SUPERANNUATION FUND ■ procedures for following up outstanding contributions from employers. ASIC works to identify superannuation funds (other than ■ advice to employees to move accumulated self managed superannuation funds) that do the wrong superannuation benefits from a fund/s to another fund, thing. or The Superannuation Complaints Tribunal works to resolve complaints about superannuation funds. ■ advice to employees about where to direct their future employer superannuation contributions. Key ASIC compliance messages include: The Tax Office looks for schemes that use self managed superannuation funds to illegally access superannuation early. More details are provided in the section below. SELF MANAGED SUPERANNUATION FUNDS, EARLY ACCESS AND THEIR PROMOTERS Self managed superannuation funds are sometimes illegally promoted as a way of accessing superannuation before retirement. ■ advisers must make proper investigation of the ‘from’ fund that they advised the client to switch from (or stop making contributions to). Without this investigation, their advice is more likely to be inappropriate for the employee ■ advisers must make appropriate disclosures about their switching advice. If there is limited investigation of the ‘from’ fund then it is more likely that advisers will be unable to give appropriate advice because they can’t The Tax Office identifies promoters and individuals disclose the costs, loss of benefits and other significant participating in this type of scheme in a number of ways, consequences of the switch, and including: ■ monitoring advertisements on the internet, in newspapers and on radio ■ there must be adequate procedures in place for managing conflicts of interest that might influence advice. This is a licensee obligation. ■ monitoring AUSTRAC data ■ obtaining information from the community and from other government agencies ■ obtaining feedback from financial institutions, ADVICE ABOUT SELF MANAGED SUPERANNNUATION FUNDS There has been significant growth in the number of self superannuation funds, administrators and financial managed superannuation funds established over the advisers, and last few years. ASIC is conc...
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