61 ms2 or 072 ms2 083 ms2 the coefficient of kinetic

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Unformatted text preview: Superimpose an x- y coordinate system on the flowing river that makes the +x direction East and +y North. Then the ferry boat’s velocity w.r.t. the river resolves along the x direction as v BRx = 12 km cos(120o ) = −6 km . But the river is flowing w.r.t. h h to the shore at vRSx = 6 km . The x component of the ferry boat’s velocity w.r.t. the h shore is vBSx = vBRx + vRSx = −6 km + 6 km = 0 . With a zero x component w.r.t. the shore h h the boat is heading entirely along +y and thus due North. Problem 13 For a garden installation a series of flat stones are being stacked one atop the other. The first in contact with the ground weighs 50 N, the second 100 N, the third 150 N, and the fourth 200 N. The net force acting on the s...
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