0 kg 50 ms cos 30 20 kg 30 ms 50 ms

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Unformatted text preview: , we find the impulse in 2 this case is 1.00 N ⋅ s . (b) By definition (of the average of function, in the calculus sense) the average force must be the result of part (a) divided by the time (0.010 s). Thus, the average force is found to be 100 N. (c) Consider ten hits. Thinking of ten hits as 10 F(t) triangles, our total time interval is 10(0.050 s) = 0.50 s, and the total area is 10(1.0 N ⋅ s ). We thus obtain an average force of 10/0.50 = 20.0 N. One could consider 15 hits, 17 hits, and so on, and still arrive at this same answer. 2 PHY2048 Spring 2014 HW6 9...
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