4 cm directly below the middle of the tabletop 9p13

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Unformatted text preview: he (whole table) center of mass is M ( − L / 2 ) + M ( − L / 2 ) + 3M ( 0 ) L ycom = = − , M + M + 3M 5 or ycom = – (22 cm)/5 = – 4.4 cm. From the coordinates, we see that the whole table center of mass is a small distance 4.4 cm directly below the middle of the tabletop. 9P13. We need to find the coordinates of the point where the shell explodes and the velocity of the fragment that does not fall straight down. The coordinate origin is at the firing point, the +x axis is rightward, and the +y direction is upward. The y component of the velocity is given by v = v0 y – gt and this...
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