The stone moves in a circular path top view shown

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Unformatted text preview: Note that due to the downward gravitational acceleration, in order for the bullet to strike the target, the gun must be aimed at a point slightly above the target. 4P39. Following the hint, we have the time- reversed problem with the ball thrown from the ground, toward the right, at 60° measured counterclockwise from a rightward axis. We see in this time- reversed situation that it is convenient to use the familiar coordinate system with +x as rightward and with positive angles measured counterclockwise. (a) The x- equation (with x0 = 0 and x = 25.0 m) leads to 25.0 m = (v0 cos 60.0°)(1.50 s), so that v0 = 33.3 m/s. And with y0 = 0, and...
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