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Notes Auto Ionization of Water

Polyprotic acids polymany protichydrogen ions have

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Unformatted text preview: s: -poly=many; protic=Hydrogen ions -have multiple dissociations=more than one equation -with strong acids: the first dissociation is the only one that is strong -multiple choice question example: rank from least concentration to most concentration ! Weak Bases: -Bases react with water to produce hydroxide ion -fits into arrhenius definition (in a backwards sort of way) -equilibrium constant= Kb -base-dissociation constant -can be used to find [OH-] and, through that, pH -sum of pH and pOH is 14 -pH+pOH=14 ! *For an aqueous solution: Ka x Kb=Kw -Therefore, if you know one of them, you know the other ! -strong acid=better conductor ! MEMORIZE THE LIST OF STRONG ACIDS...
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