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Unformatted text preview: nt the same question: Will saturation or learning dominate? : Something else Introduction Scope of policy Planner’s problem Instruments Conclusion Canadian targets, policies, and emissions Given a desired, physically-feasible outcome, how can one implement it? Policy instruments: public education (advertising) emissions pricing performance standards ← We will focus on this today offsets border regulations / prices regulate emissions (“command and control”) sequester subsidise R+D birth control subsidise investment (insulate/retrofit house) urban planning (regulate cul de sacs away, etc..) subsidise disposal / turnover (cash for klunkers) Conclusion subsidise consumption (bus tickets, Prius, wind E) population limiting incentives “Rick Mercer commercials and fridge subsidies” Introduction Scope of policy Planner’s problem Instruments Conclusion Estimated marginal costs of meeting targets ($/t CO2 ) Mitigation policies: a simpler classification (source: Nic Rivers) • information (change preferences or empowerment to act) • subsidies (“technology policies”) • pricing • tax • cap and trade • public infrastructure investment • regulation (standard or practice) • population control Introduction Scope of policy Planner’s problem Instruments Carbon pricing: two tools Cap and trade: Qua...
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