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Chem 8B Fall 2007 Midterm 1

Chem 8B Fall 2007 Midterm 1 - Chemistry 8 B Fall 2007 First...

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Chemistry 8 B Fall 2007 First Midterm Fri. October 19, 2007 Instructor: Lievens This exam contains seven (7) pages and eight (8) problems. Please make sure that your copy contains all seven pages. If there is a problem, please tell the exam administrator prior to beginning. Please answer all questions. Remember that UCDavis Code of Academic Conduct applies to this exam and all other graded work in this class. Name: ________________________________________________________________ Last First MI Student ID. # __________________________________________________________ T.A./ Lab Section: ______________________________________________________ Problem # Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total (100)
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1. (13 pts). Fill in the blank with the appropriate word or phrase, or circle the correct word in bold face. A. The presence of a nitro (NO 2 ) group on a benzene ring during electrophilic aromatic substitution makes the ring electron rich / electron poor and ____ slows ____ the rate of reaction. B. A carbonyl group has a partial _ Positive _____ on it’s carbon that allows for the addition of a ____ Nucleophile ________. C. A Friedal-Crafts reaction will / will not work if there is a meta director present.
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