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Unformatted text preview: s translational kinetic energy when it reaches ground level? [Hint: Use the Energy Principle to answer this question to express your answer in terms of M, g, θ, L, and f .] C. (6 points) What is the object’s total kinetic energy (translational plus rotational) when it reaches ground level? D. (6 points) Use your answer to part C to find that the speed of the object 2 gh when it reaches ground level is V = . I (1 + ) MR 2 E. (6 points) The object’s moment of inertial can be represented as I = b ! M ! R 2 where b is a dimensionless number associated with the objects geometry. For example, b = 1 for a hoop, 2/5 for a sphere, ½ for a disk, etc. Express your answer in part D in terms of this expression for I, thereby showing that the final speed does not depend on either the object’s mass nor its radius....
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