b to his horror he realized that he had becom e the

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Unformatted text preview: ror, he realized that he had becom e the victim of an am orphous , unwitting, uncons cious cons piracy to im m ers e him in routine work that had no s ignificance. Sponse re d Links C. It was one of thos e nights in the office. when -the office clock was m oving towards four in the m orning and Bennis was s till not through with the incredible m as s of paper s tacked before him . D. He reached for his calendar and ran his eyes down each hour, half-hour, and quarter-hour, to s ee where his tim e had gone that day, the day before, the m onth before Leader in GRE prepration T he Princeton Review- World's No. 1 We train 10000+ students a year M a n ya g ro u p .co m /In d i a a . ABC D b . C ADB c. BDC A Computer courses @ Aptech 50 lakh students trained already 25 years of expertise www.A p te ch -E d u ca ti o n .co m d . DC BA e .No t Atte mp te d 4. A. With that, I s wallowed the s ham poo, and obtained m os t realis tic res ults alm os t on the s pot. B. The m an s huffled away into the back regions to m ake up a pres cription, and after a m om ent I got through on the s hop-telephone to the Cons ulate, intim ating m y location. C. Then, while the pharm acis t was wrapping up a s ix-ounce bottle of the m ixture, I groaned and inquired whether he could give m e s om ething for acute gas tric cram p. D. I intended to s tage a s harp gas tric attack, and entering an old-fas hioned pharm acy, I as ked for a popular s ham poo m ixture, cons is ting of olive oil and flaked s oap. Change India's future Share Projects or Ideas to bring a change. Win Lacs in Grants! www.sp a rkth e ri se .co m /Jo i n _ US Use r Sta ts Who's ne w M os t a c tiv e us e rs Who z online hgfjhgkjs a . DC BA b . DAC B c. BDAC d . BC DA e .No t Atte mp te d aoacqrkn Gracenis hwhite neeraja kolis etty Lipika712 MacfarlaneZacha... 5. A. Since then, intelligence tes ts have been m os tly us ed to s eparate dull children in s chool from average or bright children, s o that s pecial education can be provided to the dull. B. In other words , intelligence tes ts give us a norm for each age. C. Intelligence is expres s ed as Intelligence quotient, and tes ts are developed to indicate what an average child of a certain age can do-what a 5-year-old can ans wer, but a 4year-old cannot, for ins tance. D. Binet developed the firs t s et of s uch tes ts in the early 1900s to find out which children in s chool needed s pecial attention. E. Intelligence can be m eas ured by tes ts . a . C DABE b . DE C AB c. E DAC B d . C BADE e .No t Atte mp te d cat4m ba 61.29% chattan 28.19% Greddyjek 18.95% Bypeoptocreft 14.82% Em urnWoureTum 13.66% m o re There are currently 20 users and 2295 guests online. Online users ayes has harm a7790 Lipika712 hgfjhgkjs DIRECTIONS for questions 6 to 13: 6. Three airlines - IA, JA and SA - operate on the Delhi-Mum bai route. To increas e the num ber of s eats s old, SA reduced its fares and this was em ulated by IA and JA im m ediately. The general belief was that the volum e...
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