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Unformatted text preview: s ability to res pond like this to events on the dis tant s urface? a . BADC b . DBAC c. ADC B d . BDC A e .No t Atte mp te d 53. 1. According to recent res earch, the critical period for developing language s kills is between the ages of three and five and a half years . A. The read-to child already has a large vocabulary and a s ens e of gram m ar and s entence s tructure. B. Children who are read to in thes e years have a far better chance of reading well in s chool, indeed, of doing well in all their s ubjects . C. And the reas on is actually quite s im ple. D. This correlation is far and away the highes t yet found between hom e influences and s chool s ucces s . 6. Her com prehens ion of language is therefore very high. a . DAC B b . ADC B c. ABC D d . BDC A e .No t Atte mp te d 54.1. High-powered outboard m otors were cons idered to be one of the m ajor threats to the s urvival of the Beluga whales . A. With thes e, hunters could approach Belugas within hunting range and profit from its inner s kin and blubber. B. To es cape an approaching m otor, Belugas have learned to dive to the ocean bottom and s tay there for up to 20 m inutes , by which tim e the confus ed predator has left. C. Today, however, even with m uch m ore powerful engines , it is difficult to com e clos e, becaus e the whales s eem to dis appear s uddenly jus t when you thought you had them in your s ights . D. When the firs t outboard engines arrived in the early 1930s , one cam e acros s 4 and 8 HP m otors . 6. Belugas s eem to have us ed their well-known s ens itivity to nois e to evolve an ‘avoidance' s trategy to outs m art hunters and their powerful technologies . a . DAC B b . C DAB c. ADBC d . BDAC e .No t Atte mp te d 55. 1. The recons truction of his tory by pos t-revolutionary s cience texts involves m ore than a m ultiplication of his torical m is cons tructions . A. Becaus e they aim quickly to acquaint the s tudent with what the contem porary s cientific com m unity thinks it knows , textbooks treat the various experim ents , concepts , laws and theories of the current norm al s cience as s eparately and as nearly s eriatim as pos s ible. B. Thos e m is cons tructions render revolutions invis ible; the arrangem ent of the s till vis ible m aterial in s cience texts im plies a proces s that, if it exis ted, would deny revolutions a function. C. But when com bined with the generally unhis torical air of s cience writing and with the occas ional s ys tem atic m is cons truction, one im pres s ion is likely to follow. D. As pedagogy this technique of pres entation is unexceptionable. 6. Science has reached its pres ent s tate by a s eries of individual dis coveries and inventions that, when gathered together, cons titute the m odem body of technical knowledge. a . BADC Check your Score b . ADC B c. DAC B d . C BDA e .No t Atte mp te d Reset All Sponse re d Links Ne w Forum Posts Ne w Article s Guild Wars 2 Gold along with bus ines s Tim e Managem ent Tools Free tim e dis tance quant- P&C Sponse re d Links Hi I am new here..... NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF Ads by Google INFOTSAV'12 TSD TECHNOLOGY, DURGAPUR NIM Durgapur. Top, Top 10, MBA English Practice quant colleges in Durgapur, Wes t Bengal, dis count INDIA Exam English Second Language m ath Infots av-2011 Ads by Google better b-s chool am ong techno india&birla ins titute Burden Lifting Rank of WLC, Kolkata CL Notes for s ale CAT 2009 CAT 2009: Frequently As ked Ques tions IIFT All R ight s R es erv ed. C opy right 2006-10 C AT4MBA. c om . English Reading English Writing English Exam Preparation...
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