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Unformatted text preview: rated s uch that in each that in each triplet the firs t num ber is always les s than the s econd num ber, and the s econd num ber is always les s than the third num ber? a . 45 b . 90 c. 1 2 0 d . 180 e .No t Atte mp te d 35. 3 s m all pum ps and a large pum p are filling a tank. Each of the three s m all pum ps works at 2/3rd the rate of the large pum p. If all 4 pum ps work at the s am e tim e, they s hould fill the tank in what fraction of the tim e that it would have taken the large pum p alone? a . 4 /7 b . 1 /3 c. 2 /3 d . 3 /4 e . No t Atte mp te d 36. Davji Shop s ells s am os as in boxes of different s izes . The s am os as are priced at Rs .2 per s am os a up to 200 s am os as . For every additional 20 s am os as , the price of the whole lot goes down by 10 pais e per s am os a. What s hould be the m axim um s ize of the box that would m axim ize the revenue? a . 240 b . 300 c. 4 0 0 d . n o n e o f th e s e e .No t Atte mp te d 37. It takes 6 technicians a total of 10 hours to build a new s erver from Direct Com puter, with each working at the s am e rate. If s ix technici...
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