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Unformatted text preview: o the outline which of the following is not am ong the attitude of Indian his torian of Indian origin? a . W ritin g s to ry a s p e rs o n a l n a rra tive b . W ritin g h is to ry w ith p o litica l b ia s c. W ritin g n o n -p o litica l h is to ry d u e to ta ke o f g la mo u r d . W ritin g h is to ry d is s e ctin g e le me n ts a n d in te g ra tin g th e m a g a in . e .No t Atte mp te d 50. In the table given below m atch the his torian to the approaches taken bv them . A. Adm inis trative E. Robert Orm e B. Political F. H.H. Dodwell C. Narrative G. Radhakum ud Mukharji D. Econom ic H. R C Dutt a . A-F, B-G, C -E , D-H b . A-G, B-F, C -E , D-H c. A-E , B-F, C -G, D-H d . A-F, B-H, C -E , D-G e .No t Atte mp te d Check your Score Sponse re d Links Reset All Ne w Forum Posts Ne w Article s Sponse re d Links Guild Wars 2 Gold along with bus ines s Tim e Managem ent Tools Free Ads by Google tim e dis tance quant- P&C Hi I am new here..... NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INFOTSAV'12 TECHNOLOGY, DURGAP...
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