As a res ult m os t m anagers have little or no

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Unformatted text preview: iring people, and they find it em otionally traum atic; as a res ult, they often delay the act interm inably, m uch as an unhappy s pous e will prolong a bad m arriage. And when the firing is done, it's often done clum s ily, with far wors e s ide effects than are neces s ary. Do the world-clas s s oftware organizations have a different way of firing people? No, but they do the deed s wiftly, hum anely, and profes s ionally. The key point here is to view the fired em ployee as a 'failed product' and to as k how the proces s _____115_____ s uch a phenom enon in the firs t place. 13. a . Dis mis s in g b . P u n is h in g c. Firin g d . Ad mo n is h in g e .No t Atte mp te d 14. a . Re s o lve b . Th w a rt c. De fe a t d . C lo s e e .No t Atte mp te d 15. a . De rive d b . E n g in e e re d c. P ro d u ce d d . Allo w e d e . No t Atte mp te d Directions (Questions 16-20): The s entences given in each ques tion, when properly s equenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each s entence is labeled with a letter. Choos e the m os t logical...
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