C it requires a s trong focus on profitability and a

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Unformatted text preview: m ake tough trade offs in choos ing what not to do. D. Strategy goes far beyond the purs uit of bes t practices . E. A com pany m us t s tay the cours e even during tim es of upheaval while cons tantly im proving and extending its dis tinctive pos itioning. F. When a com pany's activities fit together as a s elf-reinforcing s ys tem , any com petitor wis hing to im itate a s trategy m us t replicate the whole s ys tem a . ABC DE F b . AC E DBF c. ADBC E F d . AE DBC F e .No t Atte mp te d 18. A. As officials their vis ion of a country s houldn't run too far beyond that of the local people with whom they have to deal. B. Am bas s adors have to choos e their words . C. To s ay what they feel they have to s ay, they appear to be denying or ignoring part of what they know. D. So, with am bas s adors as with other expatriates in black Africa, there appears at a firs t m eeting a kind of am bivalence. E. They do a s pe ed job and it is neces s ary for them to live cerem onial lives . a . BC E DA b . BE DAC c. BE ADC d . BC DE A e .No t Atte mp te d 19. A...
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