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Unformatted text preview: order of s entences from am ong the given choices to cons truct a co h e r e n t p a r a g r a p h . 16. A. Branded dis pos abie diapers are available at m any s uperm arkets and drug s tores . B. If one s uperm arket s ets a higher price for a diaper, cus tom ers m ay buy that brand els ewhere. C. By contras t, the dem and for private-label products m ay be les s price s ens itive s ince it is available only at a corres ponding s uperm arket chain. D. So, the dem and for branded diapers at any particular s tore m ay be quite price s ens itive. E. For ins tance, only SavOn Drug s tores s ell SavOn Drugs diapers . F. Then, s tores s hould s et a higher increm ental m argin percentage for private-label diapers a . ABC DE F b . ABC E DF c. ADBC E F d . AE DBC F e .No t Atte mp te d 17. A. Having a s trategy is a m atter of dis cipline. B. It involves the configuration of a tailored value chain that enables a com pany to offer unique value. C. It requires a s trong focus on profitability and a willingnes s to...
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