Finally have com e the nationalis ts who range from

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Unformatted text preview: ory until we get the firs t profes s ional his torian's approach, Ram s ay Muir and P. E. Roberts in England and H.H. Dodwell in India. Then Indian his torians trained in the Englis h s chool joined in, of whom the m os t dis tinguis hed was Sir Jadunath Sarkar and the other notable writers : Surendranath Sen, Dr Radhakum ud Mukerji, and Profes s or Nilakanta Sas tri. They, it m ay be s aid, res tored India to Indian his tory, but their bias was m ainly political. Finally have com e the nationalis ts who range from thos e who can find nothing good or true in the Britis h to s ophis ticated his torical philos ophers like K.M. Panikker. Along with types of his torians with their varying bias have gone changes in the attitude to the content of Indian his tory. Here Indian his torians have been influenced both by their local s ituation and by changes of thought els ewhere. It is in this field that this work can claim s om e attention s ince it s eeks to break new ground, or perhaps to deepen a fres hly turned furrow i...
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