Forty percent of the worlds population lives in

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Unformatted text preview: nd the world. Globally, abortion is probably the s ingle m os t controvers ial is s ue in the whole area of wom en's rights and fam ily m atters . It is an is s ue that inflam es wom en's right groups , religious ins titutions and the s elf-proclaim ed 'guardians ' of public m orality. The growing worldwide belief is that the right to control one's fertility is a bas ic hum an right. This has res ulted in a worldwide trend towards liberalization of abortion laws . Forty percent of the world's population lives in countries where induced abortion is perm itted on reques t. An additional 25 percent live in countries where it is allowed if the wom en's life would be endangered if s he went to full term with her pregnancy. The es tim ate is that between 26 and 31 m illion legal abortions were perform ed in 1987. However, there were als o between 10 and 22 m illion illegal abortions perform ed in that year. Fem inis ts have viewed the patriarchal control of wom en's bodies as one of the prim e is s ues facing the contem porary wom en's m ovem ent. They obs erve that the definition and control of wom en's reproductive freedom have always been the province of m en. Patriarchal religion, a...
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