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Unformatted text preview: n the field of Indian his tory. The early official his torians were content with the glam our and dram a of political his tory from Plas s ey to the Mutiny, from Dupleix to the Sikhs . But when the raj was s ettled down, glam our departed from politics , and they turned to the les s glorious but m ore s olid ground of adm inis tration. Not how India was conquered but how it was governed was the them e of this s chool of his torians . It found its archpries t in H.H. Dodwell, its pries tes s in Dam e Lilian Pens on, and its chief s hrine in the Volum e VI of the Cam bridge His tory of India. Meanwhile in Britain other currents were m oving which led his torical s tudy into the econom ic and s ocial fields . R.C. Dutt entered the firs t of thes e currents with his Econom ic His tory of India to be followed m ore recently by the whole group of Indian econom ic his torians . W.E. Moreland extended thes e s tudies to the Mughal Period. Social his tory is now being increas ingly s tudied and there is als o of cours e a s chool of nationalis t his torians who s ee m odern Indian his tory in term s of the ris e an...
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