Individual philos ophers have differed widely in

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Unformatted text preview: ligious and ethical conceptions ; the other, the s ort of inves tigation which m ay be called â €˜s cientific’, us ing this word in its broades t s ens e. Individual philos ophers have differed widely in regard to the proportions in which thes e two factors entered into their s ys tem s , but it is the pres ence of both, in s om e degree, that characteris es philos ophy. ‘Philos ophy’ is a word which has been us ed in m any ways , s om e wider, s om e narrower. I propos e to us e it in a very wide s ens e, which I will now try to explain. Philos ophy, as I s hall unders tand the word, is s om ething interm ediate between theology and s cience. Like theology, it cons is ts of s peculations on m atters as to which definite knowledge has , s o far, been unas certainable; but like s cience, it appeals to hum an reas on rather than to authority, whether that of tradition or that of revelation. All definite knowledge -- s o I s hould contend -- belongs to s cience; all dogm a as to what s ur...
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