Is there s uch a thing as wis dom or is what s eem s

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Unformatted text preview: of living that is noble, in what does it cons is t, and how s hall we achieve it? Mus t the good be eternal in order to des erve to be valued, or is it worth s eeking even if the univers e is inexorably m oving towards death? Is there s uch a thing as wis dom or is what s eem s s uch m erely the ultim ate refinem ent of folly? To s uch ques tions no ans wer can be found in the laboratory. Theologies have profes s ed to give ans wers , all to definite; but their definitenes s caus es m odern m inds to view them with s us picion. The s tudying of thes e ques tions , if not the ans wering of them , is the bus ines s of philos ophy. Why, then, you m ay as k, was te tim e on s uch ins oluble problem s ? To this one m ay ans wer as a his torian, or as an individual facing the terror of cos m ic lonelines s . The ans wer of the his torian, in s o far as I am capable of giving it, will appear in the cours e of this work. Ever s ince m en becam e capable of free s peculation, their actions in innum erable im portant res pects , have depended upon their theories as to the world and hum an life, as to what is good and what is evil....
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