Luker found that pro life and pro choice activis ts

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Unformatted text preview: r contras ting counterparts , 'pro-life' wom en, s upport traditional concepts of wom en as wives and m others . It would be ins tructive to s ketch out the differences in the world views of thes e two s ets of wom en. Luker exam ines California, with its liberalized abortion law, as a cas e his tory. Public docum ents and news paper accounts over a twenty-year period were analys ed and over 200 interviews were held with both pro-life and pro- choice activis ts . Luker found that pro-life and pro-choice activis ts have intrins ically different views with res pect to gender. Pro-life wom en have a notion of public and private life. The proper place for m en is in the public s phere of work; for wom en, it is the private s phere of the hom e. Men benefit through the nurturance of wom en; wom en benefit through the protection of m en. Children are s een to be the ultim ate beneficiaries of this arrangem ent by having the m other as a full-tim e loving parent and by having clear role m odels . Pro-choice advocates reject...
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