Middle and upper clas s protes tants were advocates

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Unformatted text preview: health and s afety is s ues for pregnant wom en and the s anctity of life. Its pos ition was als o a m eans of control of nonlicens ed m edical practitioners s uch as m idwives and wom en healers who practiced abortion. The anti-abortion cam paign was als o influenced by political cons iderations . The large influx of eas tern and s outhern European im m igrants with their large fam ilies was s een as threat to the population balance of the future United States . Middle and Upper clas s Protes tants were advocates of abortion as a form of birth control. By s upporting abortion prohibitions the hope was that thes e Am ericans would have m ore children and thus prevent the tide of im m igrant babies from overwhelm ing the dem ographic characteris tics of Protes tant Am erica. The anti-abortion legis lative pos ition rem ained in effect in the United States through the firs t s ixty-five years of the twentieth century. In the early 1960s , even when it was widely known that the drug thalidom ide taken during pre...
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