Only two generations ago britis h rule s eem ed to m

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Unformatted text preview: rpretation of the facts and changes in attitudes of his torians about the es s ential elem ents of Indian his tory. Thes e two cons iderations are in addition to the norm al fact of fres h inform ation, whether in the form of archeological dis coveries throwing fres h light on an obs cure period or culture, or the revelations caus ed by the opening of archives or the releas e of private papers . The changes in the Indian s cene are too obvious to need em phas is . Only two generations ago Britis h rule s eem ed to m os t Indian as well as Britis h obs ervers likely to extend into an indefinite future; now there is a teenage generation which knows nothing of it. Changes in the attitudes of his torians have occurred everywhere, changes in attitudes to the content of the s ubject as well as to particular countries , but in India there have been s om e s pecial features . Prior to the Britis h, Indian his toriographers were m os tly Mus lim s , who relied, as in the cas e of Sayyid Ghulam Hus s ain, on their own recollection of events and on inform a...
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